Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Little Hitchhiker Takes One on the Chin

Okay - it doesn't happen so often that a strip disables me, but this one did. I'm displaying it panel by panel, and then in its entirety at the end. A couple more follow, but this first is the killer. Enjoy!

And now a couple more that I recently acquired. This first is especially interesting, as it's an example of the surreal in real life.

And next, our hero! I wonder who portrayed him in the film. Maybe it was that actor of actors, Wxzcslav Shneggkkhiwtcz.

PhD, ScB.


  1. Great stuff, Carl--that last strip is particularly choice! Ahern has a wonderfully dry sense of the absurd, which makes his work quite accessible for us 21st century types...

    Why isn't there a professionally printed, well-designed book of THE SQUIRREL CAGE? The world NEEDS it!

    1. Thanks, Frank - hopefully, that book will be in your hands before we're both too deep into geezerhood.

    2. You can purchase the book here:

    3. Thanks, Elliot - I have this book & I've posted the link before. For years now I've been collecting Squirrel Cage strips, and my goal is to track down a complete run & put together a comprehensive anthology of the strip. It's a (mostly) forgotten masterpiece. If you have anything that might help I'd appreciate it, whether material, info, or contacts! I've also been trying to track down any of Gene Ahern's surviving relatives, with no luck so far.