Friday, March 20, 2015

Sansón from Argentina

Almost three years ago I posted about a Spanish language version of The Squirrel Cage from Argentina's Billiken Magazine, titled Jopito Y Calvete. I've just found some more from a later period, but now titled Sansón (Samson) - their take on Paul Bunyan. These strips are from the mid-1940s, when Paul Bunyan had become the star of the strip. From what I can see, it appears that Billiken must have followed The Squirrel Cage right through Paul Bunyan's transformation from his enormous, superhuman self to the red-hatted gnome who would remain in Foozland for the remainder of the strip (as far as anyone knows, anyway!) Here's a page from February 26, 1945.

I love this one because it reminds me of Rube Goldberg's fantastic animals from the "Boob's Ark" story in his wonderful Boob McNutt comic strip. Sadly, I don't have this strip in English. I hope to find it one of these days! There are still many pieces of the Foozland puzzle missing… the search continues! More coming soon, I promise!